Comfort Tips

Secret to Our Success?

Keeping you comfortable & safe…

American Heating and Air Plus, LLC is here to answer your questions and help to keep you comfortable all year long. A few simple tips can help to keep you safe and help save on cooling costs as well!

Carbon Monoxide is a silent killer and is a year-round safety concern. Carbon Monoxide detectors come in all shapes and sizes and can be installed quickly. Keep your home safe, see our illustration for detector placement recommendations throughout your home. Just a few minutes of your time may save a life. Be aware and take care.

Did you know that when you turn your clocks FORWARD, you should turn your ceiling fan forward too! Make better use of the cool air already in your house by flipping the switch on your ceiling fan so that the fan rotates in a forward or counter clockwise direction. Cool air stays low and this will circulate all that nice cool air by your floor back up to you.